Player Draft

Players will have until October 9th , 2017 to register for the NESHL draft.

The North East Senior Hockey League will be holding their player's drafts on October 10th. All players not residing within the territories of any team members of the NESHL and wishing to play in the North East Senior Hockey League will have to register if they wish to play in the NESHL without exception.

In the form below, players are required to give their permanent address. It should be noted that a player who is a full time student having a permanent address falling in the territory of an existing team but who is living elsewhere due to his studies, this player will have two options. He can either play in the area where he is studying or for a team where his permanent address is located.

Players who have registered for the draft may be selected by any teams. Each team is allowed a maximum of 5 players who have played major junior and up of which two may be professional players those who have played ECHL and up. Goaltenders are exempt. If a team has reached the allowed quota of these players, all players in those categories residing in this team's territory will have to enter their names in the draft if they wish to play in the NESHL. If a player falls in one of these two categories and resides within a team's territory, it is suggested to contact the team to see if they have reached their quota.

Draft Application

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